Saturday, July 11, 2009

China's Great (Fire)Wall and Censorship

Okay, so I've been slacking on posting even though there is so much to write.  Part of the reason is that China is making things hard for me! It blocked access to Blogger a couple months ago so now I am email posting to the site. (sorry for grammar errors, can't really fix them) However, I and most people in China, can't actually see the blog.  I found out that IDEO has a company proxy, but I only use that at work.  Alas, more restrictions lead to more delay in postings. They also blocked twitter and Facebook recently because of the riots in XinJiang province in the Northwest region.  And even Google (and the whole suite of Google products too) have been blocked for short periods of time.  I guess there are easier ways to access these things like other proxies and VPN, but in a way, I sort of like experiencing these governmental decrees and making my own workarounds them. okay, onward!

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